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We at The FoodRemedy provide a range of services

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Classes and Courses

Creative Cookery Classes
Weekly themed classes

Nutritional Course

Themed culinary medicine courses


Special themed classes with a 4-course meal, organic wine tasting and chats around food

One-on-One Classes

Private classes in your home

Nutritional Cooking Advice

2 or more private classes to retrain your eating habits

DinnerParty Classes

Invite friends/family to your own private dinner party with a healthy twist


Nutritional Cooking Classes
Secondary School/Transition Year
Primary Schools
Community Projects


Nutritional Family Advice
Healthy Family Classes
Meal Plans


Event Catering
Company Talks
Cooking Demos
Corporate Health Events
Retreat Catering
Culinary Nutrition for Gyms

Nutritional Therapies

Nutritional Consultations
1-to-1 consultancy with Nutritional Therapist Tara Zuluaga Dorgan, DipNT
Personalized nutrition advice to optimise health

Food Intolerance Testing

An invaluable tool when looking for triggers to unexplained symptoms such as IBS, skin conditions, mood and inflammation.

Advanced Testing

Nutritional, functional, environmental and genetic laboratory testing